How to Handle Getting in Trouble?

Answer Ever gotten into so much trouble that you think you can't face anything, or anyone? or perhaps you're just incredibly shy. Well whether you ran on concrete in primary school or got in a punch up in... Read More »

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Why do older sisters never get in trouble but every time I turn around I'm the one getting into trouble?

Being an older sister isn't always the best because older siblings are generally expected to be a positive role model for their younger siblings. If you feel you are being unfair and your older sis... Read More »

Can a twenty five year old man in New York state get in trouble for getting a sixteen year old pregnant if they are getting married but the pregnancy started before the marriage?

Answer All depends on if the parents of the girl choose to press charges against him.

How do I handle an annoying 5 year old kid who loves to annoy me and get me in trouble when I yell?

I'm having trouble with getting wet?

There are lot's of lubes in your drug store. I don't know where you are , but look for K-Y Jelly or Astroglide. These are a big help.