How to Handle Excruciating Pain?

Answer Handling pain is difficult and involves a lot of patience. With time, handling pain can get easier, but even the best pain-handlers need some way to get through excruciating pain that may be caused... Read More »

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The pain is excruciating!?

The first answer is actually the old treatment for endometriosis pain...whiskey...I am not sure how much though.Go to your local Pharmacy/Chemist/drug store and ask for the most powerful over the c... Read More »

Excruciating recurring pain in tailbone?

You need to see a doctor. A common cause of tailbone pain, particularly in young people, is a pilonidal cyst. Read about it here, and if you think you have one, see your doctor for appropriate tr... Read More »

Excruciating left shoulder pain!?

You might have just sprained it from the fall. Sprains can vary from minor to severe. Just give it time to heal itself and don't mess with it too much:)

Im in excruciating pain when i poop! Normal?

You can try drinking extra water beginning a couple of days before your expected menses. Taking ibuprofen a couple of hours ahead of time may helpYou may also have endometriosis. This is from Web... Read More »