How to Handle Changes in Your Life?

Answer For most people, the only way to change the conditions of their lives is to actually change their lives. Most people do not like major changes, as most people are afraid of the unknown, yet what is... Read More »

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Two Life Changes That May Require You to Update Your Financial Plan?

Financial plans are living documents, which means you can change it at any time to match your life goals and any changes in your life. While there are a variety of reasons why your financial plan w... Read More »

How to Handle Your PVC Cards to Add to the Life of Your Card Printer?

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What Types of Changes in My Life Can Affect My Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a policy purchased by an individual from an insurer over a specified amount of time. Based off the terms of the policy, the insurer agrees to pay the designated beneficiary a lump... Read More »

How will you teach your kids to handle harassment (whether it be online, in real life, in the work place, etc)?

One thing I will stress to them is that you can walk away. Walk away in person and walk away online. You can give someone the power to harass you and you can take it away. If the bully spends a lot... Read More »