How to Handle Broken Agreements?

Answer An important relationship skill is learning how to handle a situation where we have or have needed to break an agreement, or if others break an agreement with us.

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Broken Lease Agreements?

Breaking a lease agreement is usually an expensive move for the tenant, who may be required to pay the balance of rent due for the term of the lease, even if they are no longer living in the rental... Read More »

How to Fix a Broken Drawer With the Handle Broken Off?

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What Will Mend a Broken Car Door Handle?

A broken car door handle can present an array of inconveniences. Depending on the specific features of your car door, you just may be able to get inside, remove the handle and work on it.

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The door handle of your Chevrolet Impala is contained on the inner door panel. If the door handle is broken due to an accident or some other reason, you should fix it. The simplest way to repair th... Read More »