How to Handle Being the Only Child?

Answer Being an only child has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. As an only child myself, I know that it's a blessing and sometimes a drag. Here's how to deal with being the only kid.

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Does bucket handle fracture only happen from child abuse?

It takes a huge force to break a bone. The classical metaphyseal corner or bucket handle fracture is virtually pathognomonic for abuse. Rib fractures are very common and highly specific for abuse... Read More »

Being siblings better than only child?

You get more opportunities when your an only child :) my opinion doesn't mean it's a 100 % true

Will the military draft an only child of an only child?

In the event a draft is ever instituted again, yes. The US Military may draft any citizen registered with Selective Service, and that includes all males over the age of 18, excluding all females.So... Read More »

Can a relative of a child take away legal guardianship of that child from the other relative if the child is in no harm and being cared for?

Answer yes, if that relative is the mother or father of the child, or the quardian is determined to be unfit to serve.