How to Handle Being Locked Out of Your Hotel Room?

Answer Locked outMaybe you forgot the key, misplaced it, or lost it somewhere during your travels, but whatever the reason, you've found yourself locked out of your hotel room. It's a sticky situation, an... Read More »

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Do you walk around naked in your hi-rise hotel room w/the curtains wide open w/another hotel across from you?

Yes,, but I do it with 'toys' hanging out my orifices covered in chocolate.What what?

How old do you have to be to rent a hotel room at the ramada plaza hotel?

There are many Ramada Plaza Hotels throughout the United States and the minimum check-in age varies by location. Most require that guests be at least 21 years of age to check in, but several locati... Read More »

Is a double cylinder door handle always locked?

No, a double cylinder door handle is locked or unlocked with a key, just like a single cylinder lock. The difference is that a key is required to work the lock on either side of a double cylinder d... Read More »

How to Make Your Room Look Like a Hotel Room (Kids and Tweens)?

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