How to Handle Being Locked Out of Your Hotel Room?

Answer Locked outMaybe you forgot the key, misplaced it, or lost it somewhere during your travels, but whatever the reason, you've found yourself locked out of your hotel room. It's a sticky situation, an... Read More »

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Do you walk around naked in your hi-rise hotel room w/the curtains wide open w/another hotel across from you?

Yes,, but I do it with 'toys' hanging out my orifices covered in chocolate.What what?

How to Make Your Room Look Like a Hotel Room (Kids and Tweens)?

Ever liked a hotel room so much that you want to make a replica of the hotel room? If you do you have come to the right place!

How to Keep Your Pet from Being Locked Out?

Cats can unwittingly fall asleep ... to awaken to a locked shed doorSometimes it is easy to forget you have let your pets outside, whether it be for relieving themselves, for exercise or for fresh ... Read More »

If your parents room is locked what r they doing?

They want privacy. They aren't neccesarily doing anything. They maybe wrapping presents for someone, on the telephone with family, napping, spending alone time together. The possibilities are en... Read More »