How to Handle Anhydrous Ammonia?

Answer Anhydrous ammonia, as its name suggests, is ammonia kept separate from water. With molecules consisting of 1 atom of nitrogen to 3 atoms of hydrogen, anhydrous ammonia is used as an agricultural fe... Read More »

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Is household ammonia the same thing as ammonia cleaner?

Household ammonia is a strong chemical that can be used in gardening and cleaning both at full strength and diluted. Ammonia cleaners, such as window cleaners, contain other chemicals and are only ... Read More »

Uses of Ethanol Anhydrous?

Ethanol anhydrous or absolute alcohol has very low water content, often less than 1 percent. Ethanol anhydrous is obtained by removing most water content from ethyl alcohol, through azeotropic dist... Read More »

What does the term"anhydrous"mean?

"Anhydrous" refers to the lack of water in a substance. When performing a chemical reaction, water can limit the energy of the overall reaction, resulting in unsatisfactory products. This specifica... Read More »

Examples of Anhydrous Salts?

To many of us, the word "salt" calls to mind a white crystal we add to potato chips and icy roads. For a chemist, however, salt is a broader term that describes all ionic compounds formed as the re... Read More »