How to Handle Anger?

Answer You wanna mess with me?Everyone gets angry sometimes. They lose something, or someone does something just plain rude to get on their nerves. Sometimes, you can get so angry that you express your an... Read More »

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How to Handle Divorce Anger?

Anger is a normal emotion in the healing process in any divorce, but it becomes destructive when turned into rage and vindictiveness. Here are a few ways to get it out!

How to Handle Anger Against Your Parents?

Sometimes, you may want to just walk out of the house or ignore your parent's rules. Instead, you need to be responsive to their worries. You'll most likely find yourself doing things that were ban... Read More »

Activity that will teach children how to handle anger effectively?

Puppets or stuffed animals are great at helping kids learn to handle anger. Play a game with the toddler. Give her a toy animal and put a puppet (let's say a toy Barney doll) on your own hand. Giv... Read More »

APs through foster care: how do you handle your anger at your child's first parents?

Hey Kazi.Be honest. Validate the child's feelings and feel free to express your feelings appropiately.For example in response to your child: "You bio-father hurt you really bad and for that I am ... Read More »