How to Hand Wax a Car & Not Get Swirls?

Answer The one thing more noticeable than a shiny, glossy finish on your car is the swirl marks on the surface. Swirl marks are cut into the clear-coat paint and can’t be washed or waxed away. Once ther... Read More »

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How to Buff Out Swirls on a Car?

Swirl marks in a car's finish result from a number of circumstances. Regardless of its cause, a micro-marred paint job isn't a good look. Swirl marks on the surface of the car's clear coat can't be... Read More »

What Causes Swirls in a Paint Job?

Paint job swirls are caused by a number of different things, not least of which is the lack of proper preparation of the paint surface before painting. Paint swirls are much more noticeable on dark... Read More »

How to Remove Compound Swirls on a Car?

After having your car painted or after having it professionally detailed, it may be left with compound swirl marks on its surface. These swirl marks are made during the buffing process when an abra... Read More »

How do I create swirls in Photoshop?

Start your computer and load in Photoshop. Click "File" and "New" from the Menu bar and pull-down menu. Choose "800 x 600" from the "Preset" options bar. Click "OK." Click on the "Foreground Color"... Read More »