How to Hand Tame a Hamster?

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How to Tame Your Hamster?

When you get your hamster for the first time, do you ever feel like you want to hold it and pet it? Well, in this step-by-step procedure,you will be able to. All you need is patience and a warm heart.

How to Tell if Your Hamster Is Tame?

You may be able to hold your hamster safely, but do they actually know you're safe? Let's find out.

How to Tame and Handle a Hamster?

Before you handle your hamster you will need to tame it, which means overcoming it's fear. You will enjoy doing this as long as you understand it will take time and patience. Do not put it off, bec... Read More »

How to Tame a Chinese Dwarf Hamster?

Dwarf HammieDwarf hamsters in general can be extremely hard to tame! The only thing you need to know is to have tons of patience and calmness, and you will have success!!Chinese dwarf hamsters are ... Read More »