How to Hand Pollinate Maypops?

Answer The maypops, or Passiflora incarnata L., is a climbing vine, generally found in eastern North America from Kentucky to Virginia and south to Florida and Texas. It is a member of the passion fruit f... Read More »

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How to Hand Pollinate a Lime Tree?

Lime fruit is second only to lemon in flavorings for candy, pie fillings and other foods, according to Texas A&M University. Yet this fruit tree is among the least cold hardy of all citrus fruits. ... Read More »

How do cactus's pollinate?

It depends on the type of catus. My echinops is a day blooming cactus and the bright red blossoms attract bees. Night blooming cereus are pollinated by bats who may be drawn to the strong fragrance.

How to Pollinate a Plumeria?

Plumeria flowers are asexual plants, which means that each flower contains both male and female parts. After the flower blooms fall off, insects, moths and hummingbirds pollinate the stems by shaki... Read More »

How to Pollinate Orchids?

Orchid propagation is big business. Orchids are found in most areas of the world from high alpine zones to desert flats. The flowers are in such high demand for their beauty and uniqueness that the... Read More »