How to Hand Load Ammunition?

Answer Primer, casing, powder, bullet. Combined in a press, they become a usable cartridge.Hand-loading your own rifle and pistol ammunition is a great challenge for any gun enthusiast. It broadens your c... Read More »

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How to Load a Hand Grease Gun?

A hand grease gun is used to grease certain parts of a vehicle, such as the front axle. There are three main parts in the hand grease gun. The barrel holds the grease, the long thin extended pipe p... Read More »

What uses more water doing a load of dishes in the dishwasher or by hand?

Ammunition for cz model 27 7.65 cal is it the same as 32 cal?

Yes, 7.65 is the European designation for the .32 Automatic cartridge.

Federal Ammunition Law?

The federal ammunition law is a part regulations covering firearms and explosives. The provisions include the weapon, all components to create the weapon and the ammunition. Where ammunition is men... Read More »