How to Hand Load Ammunition?

Answer Primer, casing, powder, bullet. Combined in a press, they become a usable cartridge.Hand-loading your own rifle and pistol ammunition is a great challenge for any gun enthusiast. It broadens your c... Read More »

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How to Load a Hand Grease Gun?

A hand grease gun is used to grease certain parts of a vehicle, such as the front axle. There are three main parts in the hand grease gun. The barrel holds the grease, the long thin extended pipe p... Read More »

What uses more water doing a load of dishes in the dishwasher or by hand?

Federal Ammunition Law?

The federal ammunition law is a part regulations covering firearms and explosives. The provisions include the weapon, all components to create the weapon and the ammunition. Where ammunition is men... Read More »

Does an excessively heavy load of bran muffins need to be fixed to a load bearing wall?

How do you build a bread box that will accomodate bran muffins? In Do It Yourself (DIY) - Asked by Uncle Wayne's Uncle Joe - 0 answers - 2 minutes ago If I mixed bran flakes with putty, would that... Read More »