How to Hand Feed Pigeons?

Answer Step by step on how to hand feed pigeons.

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How to Feed Fantail Pigeons?

Distinguished by their long, beautiful fan-shaped tail, the fantail pigeon hails originally from India and is a member of the broad tail shaker species of pigeons. These smaller, attractive pigeons... Read More »

How do I feed homing pigeons?

Feeding SpacePlace homing pigeons in an outdoor cage where you can take care of them, including feeding them. Line the cages with newspaper, kitty litter, wood chips or other materials that can col... Read More »

How to Hand Feed a Horse?

There are times when it's hard to resist the temptation to stop and give a horse that's grazing in the pasture a handful of grass or a carrot to eat. This horse may be yours, or they may be someone... Read More »

How to Hand Feed a Fish?

Feeding koiIt is possible to hand feed some fish just like many other pets. It takes a steady hand, patience and a knowledge of which fish are more likely to respond to close human presence. The fo... Read More »