How to Hammer on a Guitar Note?

Answer A 'hammer-on' is a technique almost every guitarist uses to greatly boost their skill level, no matter what style of music they play. To start learning to use 'hammer-ons', start simple. Lower note... Read More »

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What is the frequency of the lowest note on a 5-string bass guitar?

The lowest string on a 5-string bass guitar sounds the note B0, which has a frequency of 30.87 Hz. B0 is also the lowest note for the double-contrabass flute.Source:Contrabass: Frequencies

If you had a hammer would you hammer in the morning?

no in the evening and piss the neighbours off

Does a chiropractors note count as a doctors note?

In many jurisdictions Chiropractors are considered primary care physicians for musculoskeletal injuries. Your only option is to call the university administration and ask. If they insist on an MDs ... Read More »

Should I get the iPhone 5 or get galaxy note The only reason I want to get the note is that it works on flash I have an ipad2 but it doesn't work on flashSo should I get the iPhone 5 or galaxynote?

Well, Galaxy Note is out already, but iPhone 5 might not come out till October. If you can wait I'd say iPhone 5. Flash does help a lot, but it is getting replaced with HTML5 which iPhones have. A... Read More »