How to Hack the Metro Security Terminal in "Fallout 3"?

Answer In "Fallout 3," security terminals are located outside of the entrance to buildings, vaults and guarded rooms. Terminals are used to disable security bots, gain information or unlock safes. To hack... Read More »

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How to Hack a Computer Terminal in Fallout 3?

Fallout 3Many people have had a hard time hacking those turret control terminals in Fallout 3. Instead of guessing, I have found an almost foolproof method to hacking even the most difficult termin... Read More »

How to Hack Computers in "Fallout 3"?

"Fallout 3" is a post-apocalyptic video game released across multiple platforms in 2008. In this game, you will come across still-functional computers, many of which are linked to safes and doors. ... Read More »

How to Be Friendly With a Metro Protectron! (Fallout 3)?

If you guys ever had problems with Metro Protectron in Fallout 3 , maybe you should read this. See the Tips section to see how to hack terminals in Fallout 3

How to Hack Security Terminals in "Mass Effect 2"?

In "Mass Effect 2," players will assume the role of Shepard, a space marine trying to save the galaxy from impending doom. Each person will create a different Shephard; Some will walk into a room g... Read More »