How to Hack Pokémon Trainers in Gold and Silver?

Answer This article will explain how to change around the Trainer Name, and their Pokémon roster for any trainer in the game. This does not include changing which type of trainer they are (ie - changin... Read More »

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How to Test for Gold or Silver?

Throughout history, gold and silver have been considered precious metals and one of their primary uses has been to make jewelry and decorative objects. For gold, 10 karat is the lowest purity (and ... Read More »

Which is better looking of these barrettes Gold or Silver?

The silver barrette is pretty. The gold one... Well, that gold looks really dirty. Shouldn't gold be more, I dunno, cleaner?

How much is a iPad 2 with gold and silver on it?

Ipad3 has way better screen Quality and better camera mega pixles incuding a better games sytem

Silver Vs. Gold Investing?

Gold has a unique mystique. A Goldman Sachs research report referred recently to the "special status" of gold as, "A perceived store of value and a symbol of wealth." Silver, thus, is sometimes see... Read More »