How to Guess and Check Your Answer for Math?

Answer Guess and check is a method to solve math problems. This strategy works well to solve math story problems. Guess and check helps you explore the interconnectedness and relationships between the num... Read More »

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I will Choose YOU AS BEST answer if u can guess what 2+2 is!?

How to Guess and Check?

In mathemathics, "Guess and Check" can be a way of determining two or more numbers based on their relations with other numbers. These are best done using a table and if needed, equations/rules.

"Name a drink that tastes best when it's very cold" Can you guess the number one answer given Survey says...?

How to Use Guess and Check to Add & Subtract?

You can guess the answer to a subtraction or addition problem. Compatible numbers are well-matched numbers that can easily be added or subtracted when performing mental calculations. Afterward, you... Read More »