How to Grub?

Answer If you're a smoker it's more than likely that you've experienced the craving but run out of cigarettes, this is the time where grubbing (also called bumming or pinching) becomes necessary. However ... Read More »

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How do I reinstall grub?

Boot the computer using a Live CD, such as the Ubuntu installation CD. When the system boots the Live CD, open a terminal. Type:fdisk -land find the boot partition of your Linux installation (e.g... Read More »

How to Reinstall Grub?

Grub, the Linux boot manager, allows you to select what operating system you would like your computer to load when it starts. When you install Linux, you will typically be able to install Grub, whi... Read More »

How to Get a Grub Out of a Cat's Neck?

The cuterebra are a type of botfly that lay their eggs near burrows or where animals frequent. When the eggs hatch into larvae, the larvae will enter an animal host through the nose, mouth or, less... Read More »

Who Plays Doodle Grub?

Meee! >> LittleStar Loadsa Peeps + n me 2:P >> 11princess M i do 2! TinieRascal