How to Grow and Care for a Bonsai Tree?

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How do you care for a bonsai tree?

Answer Check for dryness. Water when the soil surface feels slightly dry to the touch. To water, place your potted bonsai in a pan with one to two inches of water and soak until the soil feels mois... Read More »

How to Grow a Bonsai Tree?

In the West, most people associate the art form of bonsai with Japan. Although most bonsai designed today by Western artists follow the traditional philosophies and techniques for bonsai that have ... Read More »

How to care for a bonsai money tree?

The money tree (pachira macrocarpa) is a tropical plant, and grows well outdoors in a humid and warm climate. I live in New England, though, and so my money trees are indoor plants. They're hardy... Read More »

How to Care for a Ficus Bonsai Tree?

The ficus is one of the most popular bonsai species for beginners. One reason is because it is one of only a handful of "indoor" bonsais. Because bonsai in general are delicate trees, first time ow... Read More »