How to Grow an Olive Tree from a Pit?

Answer The olives, as known as Olea, is a genus with about 20 species belonging to the Oleaceae family. Olives are native to warm temperate and tropical regions in Europe, Australasia, Africa, and souther... Read More »

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How do I grow an olive tree in the Southern U.S.?

Prepare the Tree for PlantingRemove the olive tree from its pot and soak the rootball in water overnight. Plant the tree in the early spring for best results.Dig a HoleDig a hole as deep as the oli... Read More »

Can olive trees be grown and fruit from self seeded plants from an established olive tree?

Olives grow very readily from seed, so much so that they are a serious problem in some areas such as Australia. If grown from a named variety, the fruit will probably not be as high in quality as t... Read More »

What does the olive tree symbolize?

Since ancient Greece, olive trees have come to represent many things, including peace, prudence, winning and fertility. The olive branch became a symbol of peace during the first Olympic games in a... Read More »

How to Draw an Olive Tree?

The olive tree is a famous Mediterranean plant that gives rise to olives and olive oil, both of which are popular as appetizers or toppings on salads. Olive trees have a distinctive shape which is ... Read More »