How to Grow a Weeping Willow From a Stem?

Answer A member of the Salicaceae family, the weeping willow is a fast growing tree that is capable of growing up to 10 feet every year. This deciduous tree produces green leaves that measure 4 to 8-inche... Read More »

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Can I grow wisteria on my weeping willow?

Sure if you're wanting a "wisteria" tree. The wisteria will eventually cover and strangle the willow.

Can I Grow a Weeping Willow Tree in Clay Soil?

Weeping willows make spectacular trees in the right location. Their weeping, graceful form softens a landscape and looks attractive near ponds and lakes. Willows tolerate a wide range of growing co... Read More »

How to Use Weeping Willow to Recover from Loss?

Weeping willow restores your energy and will to live after a great loss. Weeping willow is the tree associated with grief. Using it will allow you to access all levels of grief, to move through the... Read More »

How do i root weeping willow trees from a branch?

Make a CuttingSelect cuttings in fall, after the tree loses its leaves. Cut a 7-inch tip of a branch that hangs 12 inches from the ground. Check the tip of the branch to make sure it has nodes for ... Read More »