How to Grow a Southern Magnolia Tree From a Seed?

Answer The grand dame of Southern gardens, the southern magnolia is an evergreen beauty; even its scientific name, Magnolia grandiflora, is majestic. Native to the U.S., it can grow to 80 feet tall with l... Read More »

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How to Grow a Magnolia Tree?

Magnolia trees are magnificent when in full bloom. If you have the space for one in your garden, you'll get both beauty and shade. Tolerant of city environments, and of pollution, these are an idea... Read More »

How fast does a magnolia tree grow?

According to Clemson University, the growth rate of magnolias depends on the species and can vary widely. For instance, Magnolia x soulangiana can grow as much as 15 feet in 10 years, while Magnoli... Read More »

Will magnolia tree roots grow under a house&cause damage?

The Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute categorizes the root damage potential of magnolia trees as low risk. The roots of a magnolia tree are soft and grow close to the surface of the soil, so are u... Read More »

How do I grow an olive tree in the Southern U.S.?

Prepare the Tree for PlantingRemove the olive tree from its pot and soak the rootball in water overnight. Plant the tree in the early spring for best results.Dig a HoleDig a hole as deep as the oli... Read More »