How to Grow a Red Onion?

Answer Onions are used in a wide array of cooking recipes. They can be cooked with nearly any kind of food and can also be enjoyed raw with main meals or in salads. Red onions are just one of many popular... Read More »

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What do onion seeds need to grow?

Growing onions from seed requires some amount of care in setting up the garden. However, onions plants can yield a great deal of onions once they mature.SoilOnions need to grow in well-irrigated, m... Read More »

Grow sprouted onion How?

If it is a largish onion great than 1cm in diamteter) it will not grow a bulb, but will grow greens and possibly a flower. But without another onion flower to pollinate few to none of the seeds wou... Read More »

How long does it take an onion seed to grow?

Onion seeds will germinate in four days if the soil temperature is at least 75 degrees F. It takes 13 days for onion seeds to germinate if the soil is cooler, around 50 degrees. Onions are edible a... Read More »

How to Grow & Harvest Onion Sets?

Planting onion sets produces scallions and large bulb onions. Onion sets are produced from planting seed in the midsummer of the growing season. The sets are then stored over the winter and then pl... Read More »