How to Grow a Peach Tree in Louisiana?

Answer According to North Carolina State University's crop profile for Louisiana, peaches can be grown almost anywhere in the state, with Louisiana producing three million pounds of peaches per year, most... Read More »

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How to grow a peach tree?

If you live someplace where they grow (not tropical, and not too far north - like Canada), then the easiest way is to buy a peach tree ($15-$50), either online or at a local nursery (usually availa... Read More »

Can you grow a peach tree in Minnesota?

Minnesota makes an unsuitable climate for most stone fruits, peaches included. Most peach trees will not survive the harsh winters. Those that do will bloom too early. Subsequently, flowers will fa... Read More »

How many bushels can a peach tree grow?

A peach tree in its third growing year can produce around one bushel, or 75 to 150 peaches in a single season. By maturity it can produce up to six bushels. Peach trees do not produce fruit in thei... Read More »

How do I grow a peach tree from a clipping?

make sure the clipping is fresh and dont let it dry up. dap the bottom in rooting powder available in all gardening shops and place in a pot with moist potting soil. make sure you put in the right ... Read More »