How to Grow a Laceleaf Cutting?

Answer Japanese maple trees, or Acer palmatum, possess a great diversity of size, form and leaf structure, including several types with intricately toothed foliage commonly called laceleaf maples. Like mo... Read More »

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How do a grow a plant from a cutting?

If it is the kind of plant that takes from cuttings you can try 2 different methods.1. stick it in a glass of water, cut side down, and wait for it to grow roots.2. dip it in a rooting hormone (can... Read More »

How to Grow Honeysuckle From a Cutting?

Honeysuckle reminds many of days gone by when they used to play outside and drink the juice from the blooms as they grew up. If you would like to grow some honeysuckle of your own, there is no need... Read More »

Can I grow an aloe plant from a cutting?

It is possible to grow an aloe vera plant from a cutting. Before planting the cutting, allow it to sit long enough that it develops a callus. Once the callus is grown over, you can plant the cuttin... Read More »

How to Grow Dreadlocks Without Cutting My Hair?

Great news if you want to grow dreadlocks: you don't need to cut your hair. Leave your hair as-is, start the prep work and you'll have dreads in anywhere from four weeks to two months. Dreadlocks a... Read More »