How to Grow a Hawaii Red Ginger Plant?

Answer Alpinia purpurata, or Hawaii red ginger, is a decorative perennial. It originated in the South Pacific islands and was brought to Hawaii in the 1930s. In tropical and sub-tropical gardens it grows ... Read More »

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How to Grow a Ginger Plant?

Get a firm and robust piece of ginger for your plantGrowing your own ginger is easy and rewarding. Fresh ginger is a great addition to stir-fry cooking and is also useful for a variety of home-made... Read More »

How to Plant Wild Ginger & Ginger Root?

Wild ginger and ginger root grow differently, but offer similar purposes. Native to North America, wild ginger (asarum) is a lush perennial with flowers lasting well past their season. Harvest wild... Read More »

What is a ginger plant?

Ginger is grown and harvested for it root system, or rhizomes. This plant is available in both evergreen and deciduous varieties. There is both a culinary (Zingiber officinale) and a wild type (Asa... Read More »

Can you eat the leaf from a ginger plant?

Yes, the leaf of the common or garden ginger plant [Zingiber officinale] may be eaten. In fact, every part of the plant can be eaten. The leaves may be used for flavoring. But most commonly it's wh... Read More »