How to Grow a Fern From a Twig?

Answer Ferns propagate from tiny seeds that look like dust. You can sow these seeds to produce more ferns. However, you can also grow ferns from clippings of a stem or twig. Cuttings are easy to grow and ... Read More »

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How to Grow Fern Indoors?

Part of what will make the process of growing a fern indoors easier is understanding what the plant needs. Ferns are common to tropical climates. They thrive in the filtered light, temperate climat... Read More »

How to Grow a Staghorn Fern?

The Staghorn fern (Platycerium alcicorne) is a fern that has fronds shaped rather like the antlers of a deer. It grows to about 45-75cm (1.5-2.5 feet) and is best grown against something such as a ... Read More »

How to Grow a Maidenhair Fern?

Maidenhair ferns have delicate lacy leaves on wiry stems. They thrive in warm moist air and are excellent terrarium plants. Here’s how to grow a maidenhair fern indoors.

How do I grow an Australian tree fern?

PotPrepare a 10-gallon pot with bottom drainage holes for the Australian tree fern, as these plants can reach 8 feet tall.SoilFill the pot with a mixture of equal parts quick-draining, rich soil an... Read More »