How to Grow a Bond With Your Betta Fish?

Answer Crown tail BettaIt sounds weird to hear that you can have a bond with a fish. Read this to find out how you can share a bond with an incredible reminder of natures beauty!

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How to Play With Your Betta Fish?

Bettas are remarkably curious, sociable fish. They are fun to play with and teach tricks to.

What fish can I put with my male betta fish?

On One Hand: No Fancy FinsFinding companion fish for betta fish takes some thought. Showy male bettas not only fight with other males of their species, they also tend to pick fights with any fish w... Read More »

How to Name Your Betta Fish?

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Can betta fish live with frogs?

You can safely keep your betta fish in the same aquarium with certain frogs, depending on the fish's demeanor. The African dwarf frog can live with a betta, though it requires special attention. Ob... Read More »