How to Grow a Birdhouse Gourd?

Answer Birdhouse gourds are really easy to grow and make fun crafts that can be turned into: birdhouses, bird feeders, drink containers, or decorations. The plant is a vine that can be grown on the ground... Read More »

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Who was the inventor of the birdhouse?

Birdhouses were an invention in many old cultures, so there was not one person who invented the idea. For example, native American tribes used hollow gourds for purple martins. Also, the Turks dev... Read More »

Who invented the birdhouse?

The first birdhouses were invented by the Turks in the 15th century during the pre-Ottoman period. Birdhouses were originally built to keep birds safe from the weather. Birdhouses can be found in a... Read More »

Birdhouse Facts?

Bird-watching is a fast-growing hobby that provides hours of enjoyment, even if you go no farther than your own back yard. Birdhouses help attract birds to your yard, but it is important to commit ... Read More »

How to Build a Birdhouse?

Providing wild birds with a suitable nest can encourage them to return year after year, filling your yard with beauty and song. Read on to find design instructions for several varieties of birdhouse.