How to Grow a Bay Tree?

Answer The bay tree (Laurus nobilis) has been treasured by people for millennia for its culinary uses, its beauty, and its representation of wisdom and victory.

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How to Grow a Birch Tree From an Existing Tree?

Birch trees can be grown from seed, but it is a long process. North Carolina State University recommends the rooting of stem cuttings as a means of propagation for woody ornamental plants and some ... Read More »

Can I Grow a Mango Tree From a Neighbor's Tree?

Rather than going to a nursery or store for a starter tree, people can save money by asking a neighbor with a mango tree for a fruit containing a seed or to take a couple branch cuttings to start a... Read More »

When does the fig grow on the tree?

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How to Grow an Apple Tree?

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