How to Grow Vegetables on a Small Balcony?

Answer If you love gardening but live in a balcony apartment, you can still sink your hands into some rich, dark soil and grow your favorite vegetables. The key to small-space gardens is taking advantage ... Read More »

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How to Grow Vegetables in Small Gardens?

Many people enjoy growing their own vegetables because it provides them with fresh, quality food. It also allows them to spend time outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. If you have only a small ... Read More »

How to Make a Small Apartment Balcony Look Beautiful?

When moving into an apartment, getting all of the furniture and belongings in the proper location is important so that the space is both functional and attractive. One area that is often overlooked... Read More »

How do I start a small vegetable garden on my balcony?

One thing that hasn't been mentioned is sun light. You really need as much sunlight as possible to be successful. At least 6 to 8 hours minimum.

Condo common area private use balcony who pays for balcony damage?

Read your governing documents to determine whether or not the private-use balcony is considered 'limited common area'.If it is, the association is responsible for its upkeep. You may be responsible... Read More »