How to Grow Vegetables and Save on Cost of Food?

Answer Considering the country's current economic condition, it's no wonder kitchen gardens are the hottest trend in gardening this year. All successful gardening depends on preparing the earth well.A lit... Read More »

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Food is getting so expensive, what are some vegetables to grow in a town garden?

You can grow anything that grows in a country garden. The World is your oyster.If you have any allotments nears you, go and ask the holders, they'll be delighted to show you what can be cone. We ... Read More »

Plant Food That Doesn't Need Soil to Grow Vegetables?

For centuries, common wisdom held that growing plants in the soil was the only way to grow. In the past few decades, growing methods have expanded to included soil-less growing methods. Soil acts a... Read More »

How to Save Vegetables That Were Given Too Much Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is one of the main nutrients plants need for strong growth. Without it, plants grow slowly and look sickly. Too much nitrogen, on the other hand--especially early in the season--encourages... Read More »

What can I do to save my vegetables from cats using it as a litter box?

Pepper powder, or some other noxious ingredient.Cats will sniff before doing their business, and this tends to keep them away.I actually use a de-oderant soap like Irish Spring to keep deer from mu... Read More »