How to Grow Vegetables Under Lights?

Answer According to the University of Missouri Extension, plants need light to produce sugars, starches and other nutrients for their growth. They are the only organisms that can chemically transform ligh... Read More »

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How to Grow Vegetables With Grow Lights?

Growing vegetables indoors is a good idea if you live in a climate that is not conducive to gardening outdoors, or if you want to get your vegetables started before you transplant them to your outd... Read More »

Grow Lights for vegetables?

If you are planning to grow them to harvest indoors, then you need the pricey grow lights. I start transplants, and for those, cheap cool white or warm whites are fine for a buck or two each. You n... Read More »

Why Do Plants Grown Under Blue Light Grow Taller Than Under Red & Green Lights?

Plants are amazing examples of evolutionary adaptation and there's no doubt about that. Over the eons, for example, plants have been able to learn how to use specific colors within visible light to... Read More »

What vegetables grow under soil?