How to Grow Thick & Full Edges?

Answer Even if you were born with thick, luxurious hair, you may have suffered some thinning or loss at the edges due to abuse of heat or chemicals. You may also have pulled your hair into tight buns or p... Read More »

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How to Grow the Edges of African-American Children's Hair?

African American hair has a texture unique to other races. The hair is extremely curly -- or kinky -- and should be combed and styled with patience and delicate care. Frequent and improper combing,... Read More »

I really want full thick hair!?

Hmmm...well unfortuently I also have the same problem but lately I have been taking these Biotin vitamins and they really have been helping!! So my advice to you is...take biotin and other vitamins... Read More »

How to Get Thick, Full Hair?

Eating a nutritious and balanced diet led by salmon, dark green vegetables and nuts can help maintain thick, healthy hair, but that may not be enough. If you need the hair to just look thicker and ... Read More »

How to Make My Thick Hair Look Full With Curls?

Thick hair can often pose a problem in sculpting beautiful and trendy hairstyles, but this is not the case when styling curls. Thick hair provides the necessary volume that creates a full look in c... Read More »