How to Grow Sweet Corn in Kentucky?

Answer Corn is one of the most cultivated crops in the world. Farmers and hobby gardeners grow several sweet corn varieties such as silver queen, saturn and legend, to name a few. Sweet corn grows fairly ... Read More »

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How to Grow Sweet Corn?

Many people enjoy canned or frozen corn from the grocery store. However, the taste cannot compare to the freshness of growing your own sweet corn. Yellow sweet corn from your garden can be used imm... Read More »

What temperature is best to grow sweet corn?

The best temperature to grow sweet corn is between 68 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit stop growth and temperatures above 95 degrees Fahrenheit damage the pol... Read More »

What is good weather for sweet corn to grow?

Corn has been grown in the Americas for centuries and as a result there are quite a few different varieties of the plant available to gardeners and farmers for human consumption. One popular variet... Read More »

Can sweet corn grow in crusty soil?

Sweet corn grows best in deep, rich soil. It can thrive in dry areas and cool, moist areas but the soil should be easily workable to allow the first tender shoots to grow up through the ground. If ... Read More »