How to Grow Sorrel?

Answer Sorrel (Rumex acetosa) is a perennial herb that grows to a height of about 1 metre (3 feet) tall. Sorrel leaves are great used in salads the same way as spinach leaves and they can also work as a s... Read More »

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What is a sorrel horse?

The term "sorrel horse" refers to the color of the horse rather than a specific breed or type of horse. Other horse coat colors include chestnut, black, roan, bay, white, brown, buckskin and palomi... Read More »

Sorrel Plant Species?

Also known as the Dock genus, the Sorrel genus (Rumex spp.) consists of approximately 200 species of herbaceous plants. Two species of sorrel are cultivated as garden plants: common sorrel (Rumex a... Read More »

How to Collect Redwood Sorrel?

Redwood sorrel is member of the Oxalis group of plants. Characterized by clover-like leaves with three to four lobes, redwood sorrel is native to northwestern United States and California. It is co... Read More »

Sorrel as a Perennial Weed?

Red sorrel or Rumex acetosella is a member of the buckwheat family, polygonaceae, and a relative of rhubarb. It is also known as sheep's sorrel, field sorrel, horse sorrel, gentleman's sorrel, toad... Read More »