How to Grow Shatavari Over the Winter?

Answer Shatavari is the common name of Asparagus racemosus, a tuberous plant from the East Indies, tropical Africa and Australia. The herbaceous plant develops with a twining, climbing habit, growing 6 ½... Read More »

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If you get a wound and place a foreign object over it can the skin grow over it?

Wow, I agree. You ask weird questions. Yes, it can, but it has to be something small.

Is winter over?

I feel it depends on how cold your nights are, I am in the 40's for night temps will not bring my plants out until it is in the 50's and stays there, night anxious too to bring them out t... Read More »

How do i winter over dahlias?

Prepare the PlantCut off the dahlia stems to a height of 6 inches after the first hard frost in fall. Dig the tuber root system from the ground by placing the tines of a pitchfork under the tuber a... Read More »

Can you grow tea in a pot in the winter?

Anything is possible, however, it would take a VERY large pot, and a big window. Thing is you don't get much Tea from a small single plant. It is better and much more economical to buy your tea. I... Read More »