How to Grow Shaped Bamboo Plants?

Answer Little bamboo-like plants are used in homes as additions to the décor, and generally they are thought of as bringing luck or prosperity. To make them more interesting, lucky bamboo shoots can be f... Read More »

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How do i grow bamboo plants?

Acquire a CuttingSelect a bamboo variety. Bamboo comes in several hundred varieties; some can grow 20 feet high. Before acquiring a cutting, determine the bamboo's characteristics. Running bamboo s... Read More »

Do bamboo plants grow faster with water or soil?

True bamboo (from the family Poaceae) cannot grow in standing water, but it will grow quickly in most types of soil. Most houseplants sold as bamboo are actually Dracaena sanderiana, which can grow... Read More »

How do you kill bamboo plants?

Answer Place them in direct sunlight, in a window sill. They are delicate and can't take the direct light. They require being in a portion of a room that has no sun shining on it at all. (Indir... Read More »

Bamboo Plants for Erosion?

Bamboos are fast-growing plants in the grass family. Fast growth is desirable characteristic when applied to erosion control. Most bamboos form interlocking networks of roots and rhizomes, which ho... Read More »