How to Grow Redwoods from Seed?

Answer Are you aware that you can easily grow two of the three species of redwood indoors from seed almost ANYWHERE, at ANY time of the year as long as you have the proper materials? Here's How. Total cos... Read More »

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How fast do redwoods grow?

Redwood trees grow to be very large, and in the course of fifty years can grow as large as 170 feet. With ideal conditions, trees can grow two to three feet taller per year. Radial growth can be up... Read More »

Amaryllis have seed pods...when and how do i harvest them how hard are they to grow from seed?

It seems easy enough... but the seeds need to be planted soon after the capsule matures and opens. If you delay, the seeds may die. As the flower fades, the pod at the base of the flower will swel... Read More »

Does a seed need the sun to grow?

In a way, yes. Some seeds germinate only when covered with soil, but the actual triggering mechanism depends on the wavelength of light reaching the seed. Seeds that germinate in "darkness" require... Read More »

How big does the mustard seed grow?

In the first century, it was said that a mustard seed grew to the size of a rider mounted upon his horse. About 10 ft. tall.what is the mustard seed growing process