How to Grow Pumpkins on a Trellis Netting?

Answer While standard size pumpkins require a large space to grow, other varieties, such as Jack-Be-Little and Baby Boo, are smaller and require less space. In fact, because the gourds do not get heavy, y... Read More »

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Can uncut pumpkins grow other pumpkins inside them?

How to Grow a Squash Trellis?

Add some trellises to your garden to save space when growing long-vined squash. A squash trellis sends your vines, and eventually your squash plants, climbing upward. This eliminates nearly all of ... Read More »

How do you grow cucumbers on a trellis?

First you will have to determine what size of trellis netting you will be using to grow your cucumbers. Once that is decided and you have the trellis netting, install it using metal or wooden stake... Read More »

How do I grow tomatoes on a trellis?

PruningSelect determinate or semi-determinate (bush) tomato varieties. Avoid indeterminate (vining) types if possible since they require bigger stakes and more pruning. Plant the tomatoes approxima... Read More »