How to Grow Potatoes in Barrels?

Answer Potatoes can be grown very successfully in half barrels if you have limited space. Nothing beats fresh, home-grown potatoes, so it is definitely worth trying even if you have only a small space.

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Can I grow seed potatoes from store bought potatoes?

It may be possible to grow seed potatoes from store bought potatoes but it is not recommended. Store bought potatoes are often treated with chemicals to keep them from sprouting. It is best to grow... Read More »

The Best Fig Tree Varieties to Grow in Wine Barrels?

Figs are inside-out fruits. The fig or syconium is actually an enlarged, fleshy, modified stalk that develops tiny flowers on its interior wall, which then become tiny fruits. Eating a fig, then, m... Read More »

Cajun Potatoes or Garlic Dill Potatoes Mustard or Mayo on Sandwiches Mashed Potatoes or Fried Rice?

Cajun Potatoes :)Mustard, definitely...mayo grosses me out unless it's mixed in with something (like deviled eggs or potato salad). Tough one...I love both but I think I have to pick mashed potatoes.

How to Grow Potatoes?

If you don't have much room but you'd really like to have your own home-grown, fresh potatoes, there is a way. It is easily achieved when using a large plastic bag filled with soil, as demonstrated... Read More »