How to Grow Pecan Trees?

Answer Pecan trees are particularly popular along the warmer climates within America and are the state tree for Texas. Southern conditions are optimal for growing pecan trees as it provides a longer, warm... Read More »

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How to Grow Pecan Trees in Ohio?

Pecan trees are a species native to the fertile basin of the Mississippi River. While they're most abundant in southern states, pecans will grow in Ohio. Ohio's warmer lower regions fall under plan... Read More »

How do I grow pecan trees from seeds?

PrepareDry your pecan seeds for 25 to 35 days. Then move them into plastic bags packed with slightly moist peat moss and refrigerate until a week before planting. Remove your seeds from the refrige... Read More »

How do I grow pecan trees in Arizona?

Basic NeedsPlant your pecan tree in well-drained soil, where it will receive full sun. Pecan trees have a very large root system, so you need to make sure that there is 60 to 80 feet between the pe... Read More »

Will pecan trees grow in Montana?

Pecan trees will not do well in Montana except along the Washington border; Washington is in USDA hardiness zone 5, and there are varieties developed for zone 5 "that can produce ripe nuts as far n... Read More »