How to Grow Pansies?

Answer Pansies are prolific flowering perennials with a short lifespan. They tend to be grown as annuals because their first flowering season is often their best.

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How do I grow winter pansies?

Choose WiselyChoose the types of pansies that have been bred to withstand the cold, such as Icicle pansies. Pick the healthiest plants, as they are more capable of establishing a stable root system... Read More »

How to Grow Pansies in Illinois?

Pansies add color to flower gardens throughout Illinois during the spring and fall seasons. Alternatively, pansies grow throughout the summer when planted in shade to protect them from excessive he... Read More »

How do I grow pansies in Virginia?

Planting SeasonPlant the pansies according to predicted climate, ideally in the fall or early winter, after the risk of summer heat damage has passed.Planting ConditionsPlant the pansies 8 to 12 in... Read More »

Can pansies grow indoors?

Pansies can be grown indoors as long as they receive enough sun each day. Though they are commonly grown outdoors, pansies should be started from seed indoors. Pansies grow in cool temperatures, bu... Read More »