How to Grow Natural and Full Eyebrows?

Answer People have been changing their eyebrows for thousands of years. The earliest known practice of eyebrow alteration was in ancient Egypt, where the people used kohl to shape and define their eyebrow... Read More »

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Natural Oils That Make Eyebrows Grow?

Eyebrows provide a frame for the face. Whether your eyebrows are thick and bushy, or sparse and thin, they make a huge difference in your look. Often, women tweeze their eyebrow hairs into oblivion... Read More »

Natural Way to Darken Eyebrows & Eyelashes?

Darkening eyebrows and eyelashes will give the face a more dramatic look without having to permanently alter a person's appearance. There are several eyebrow and eyelash dying kits on the market, b... Read More »

How to Make Sparse Eyebrows Look Natural?

Sparse eyebrows, as the name implies, are eyebrows that appear thin and spaced out. This can be the result of natural genetics or over-tweezing. Either way, sparse eyebrows are generally regarded a... Read More »

How do ya grow natural hair long quick It's grown a lot since I went natural, but I want it longer!?

Currently i have long hair and have been learning alot so...i do not have a relaxer i stopped getting them 5 years ago ( and i've only have 3 relaxers in my life time so this is all natural) so i c... Read More »