How to Grow Long Toenails?

Answer Long toenails are desired by many people, both male and female. Just long enough for a French pedicure makes feet look sleek and elegant. Whether it's summer and time for sandals, or Winter and tim... Read More »

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What causes toddlers toenails to grow backwards?

These lesions are benign (safe) and quite common - they are referred to as inclusion cysts and will usually disappear with time.

If you bite your toenails, will a foot grow in your stomache?

ooooooooooooook....... 0_o is this some kinda joke? uh no and if u eat a watermelon seed there wont be any watermelons growing in your stomach either

How to Clip Long Thickened Toenails?

While long toenails are the result of not trimming your nails often enough, overly thick toenails can be the result of many different things, including too-tight shoes, a skin condition, fungal inf... Read More »

Tools for Cutting Long Toenails?

Finding the right tools to cut long toenails can be a challenge. Although heading to a professional pedicure specialist will ensure properly cut toenails, not everyone does that because it can be c... Read More »