How to Grow Iris Bulbs in a Container?

Answer Irises (Iridaceae) are among the oldest known perennials and have been around for more than 4,000 years. In ancient Egypt the iris flower was their symbol of majesty and power. In Greek mythology, ... Read More »

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How to Grow Dutch Iris Blue Bulbs?

The Dutch iris is a perennial flower that blooms on long, straight stalks. The flower comes in a number of colors, including shades of blue. Like most perennial flowers, the blue Dutch iris thrives... Read More »

How do I thin iris bulbs?

LiftThin or divide irises with rhizomes from late July through September. A rhizome is a long tuber-like structure that the iris grows from. Divide bulb-type irises in October. Divide irises every ... Read More »

Will moles eat iris bulbs?

Moles do not eat bulbs. Their diet consists of insect grubs, earthworms and small invertebrates. The damage they can do to plants and bulbs has to do with their burrowing activities, which can caus... Read More »

How to Keep Iris Bulbs Indoors?

Keeping iris bulbs indoors is sometimes a necessity, depending on the winter conditions where you live. Some iris bulbs are not frost tolerant and require a little extra care during winter. Prepari... Read More »