How to Grow Hair the Natural Way for Black Women?

Answer Many black women want long, beautiful hair. While it may seem that black hair doesn’t grow as long as other types of hair, the truth is that black hair grows at the same rate as other ethnicities... Read More »

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Black women with natural hair, does it grow longer when its natural & not permed or vice-versa?

I wear my hair natural all the time. My favorite hairstyle is the afro. Natural hair is just as versatile as relaxed hair. Women can wear braids, wash-n-go, afros, twists, bantu knots, and if you w... Read More »

The Best Hair Care Products for Black Women With Natural Hair?

Natural hair has its own original texture which has not been chemically altered. Black women have highly textured hair that ranges from tight coils to loose curls. Tightly coiled and curly hair i... Read More »

Tips for Natural Hair on Black Women?

Get the best look for your natural hair by following a few useful tips. Healthy hair always has a natural shine and good growth. When it comes to styling, Black women have many different hair textu... Read More »

Tips on Natural Pressed Hair for Black Women?

The uniqueness of a black woman's hair makes her hair practices different from women of other races. Black hair tends to be dry and tightly coiled, making it more fragile. Hair care regimens exclud... Read More »