How to Grow Hair on the Jaw Line of Your Face?

Answer Growing hair along your jawline is a great way to give yourself a stronger face from the front and accent your style with a trim, sharp look. However, while growing hair on your jawline comes natur... Read More »

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How to Make Hair Grow on Your Face?

Some men have a difficult time growing facial hair. Sometimes facial hair grows too slowly. In other instances, it doesn't grow at all. If you are looking to grow facial hair, you should be patient... Read More »

Face book error:out of memory on line 26 or 31?

Rest assured, I'm pretty sure its only an internal FBook server problem. Cause if its happening to your computer AND mine, than something tells me it isnt our computers. And for me it just started ... Read More »

How do i add line to an open-face fishing reel?

Open the bail of the open-face reel and pull approximately 6 to 10 inches of fishing line off the reel spool.Connect the line you pulled from the reel to the line you intend to add to the reel with... Read More »

How do i attach a fishing line on an open face reel?

Empty the SpoolPull all of the old line off of the reel and properly dispose of it. Make sure the bail on the reel is open when finished.Thread the Line onto the PoleRun the new fishing line throug... Read More »