How to Grow Hair With a Patchy Beard?

Answer A symbol of masculinity and ruggedness, beards are as unique as the men who grow them. Beards can range from a whisper of hair on the chin to a full-length mane down the chest. Regardless of the ty... Read More »

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Why Does Bikini Hair Grow in Patchy?

For many women, their bikini line is a constant source of frustration, especially during bathing suit season. Everyone's bikini-line hair grows in differently. If your hair tends to grows in at dif... Read More »

How to Fix a Patchy Beard?

Many men want to grow a full, thick beard. However, the way your facial hair grows depends mostly on genetics, and you may be stuck with a beard that grows in unevenly. If your hormone levels are l... Read More »

Patchy Beard Styles?

Patchwork in beard designs has become tremendously popular. Surprisingly, patchy beard styles can look very well put together. If you like to make a fashion statement, designs in your beard might s... Read More »

How to Fill in a Patchy Beard?

Are you one of the many men who have a patchy or thin beard? Unfortunately, other than hair transplant surgery, there's nothing that will thicken your beard. Although it's commonly believed that sh... Read More »