How to Grow Hair Back With Tea Tree Oil?

Answer Tea tree oil is an essential oil known for its versatile nature and healing properties. It is effective in the fight against bacteria, fungal infections and viruses. Tea tree oil also aids in the f... Read More »

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If You Chop Down a Tree, Will it Grow Back?

Plants, unlike most animals, have the ability to modify existing cells to take on a different structure or purpose -- a biological characteristic known as "differentiation." This characteristic of ... Read More »

Could I grow a mango tree in my back yard?

Actually i grew one in pensacola florida up till i left that got huge, it was guarded on all sides by houses but it did grow well seemed to florish i havent seen it in years but would assume unless... Read More »

Is it true that if you shave at a young age, the hair will grow back faster as you grow older?

Although doctors have confirmed this as a myth, i am still a strong believer that it does. Doctors believe that hairs only appear thicker because the end of the hairs have not blunted out yet. Howe... Read More »

The doctors tell me that my hair will grow back thicker and curly....But what about my body hair....arms legs?

It's been my experience that it can grow back differently as well, however, in some cases body hair doesn't grow back and if it does it is baby fine and light colored best wishes darlin xxx